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The volunteers and SaveABunny have gotten to know a lot of individual rabbits. Some are affectionate, some are cranky, some are adventurous, some are playful, some are openly loving, and most are all of the above. One thing we are sure of is that every rabbit we have ever met is deserving of love, affection and happiness.

That's why we vehemently dislike Devil's Gulch Ranch, which views rabbits as commodities for consumption, even while "appreciating" their personalities (albeit in a callous way). From their website:

They are a combination of three breeds: Rex, New Zealand and Californian. Californian and New Zealand breeds are related and currently are the most popular commercial meat breeds due to their fast growth. The Rex breed, while being an excellent meat breed, is particularly known for its fine fur. Ours seem to have a mellower temperament, which is helpful for their mothering ability and handling in general. While they grow somewhat less quickly than the New Zealand and Californian breeds, we use the Rex to add hybrid vigor and positive temperament characteristics.

Ping and Pong are New Zealands. Koala is a Californian. Maribel is a Rex. SaveABunny rabbits and Devil's Gulch rabbits are one and the same.
We at SaveABunny believe that a vegetarian diet is a much more sustainable and humane solution to the challenge of feeding the world's growing human population.


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