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Saturday, November 18th, 2006
1 pm - 4 pm
Is this your perception of people who do animal rescue work? Or maybe, this is how much fun you think you'll have?
Hey, we're different! If you want to meet nice rabbits and nice people.... Have deep conversations...
And give and get lots of love...

Join Us at SaveABunny, an award-winning, new generation of rabbit rescue!

Save A Bunny invites you to our Fall Open House! Please join us at our Foster and Education Center in Mill Valley and learn about our award-winning animal rescue efforts, tour the facility and meet our rabbits. Volunteers will be on hand to answer your questions. Information will be available on adoption, fostering, volunteering, rabbit rescue efforts and our organization in general. We hope to see you there!

Please contact us at if you would like more information or need directions.

May 5, 2006

Thanks to the efforts of compassionate Californians, we're getting closer to passing legislation that will make field coursing competitions a misdemeanor in this state. Field coursing events are contests in which dogs track, pursue, and often tear apart live rabbits and other animals. Once popular in England, this activity was recently banned due to the cruelty involved.

A.B. 2110 passed the Assembly Committee on Public Safety on April 4. The next hearing on this bill will take place on Wednesday, May 10, in the Assembly Committee on Appropriations. Please take action today to help this important bill clear the next legislative hurdle!

A link on the HSUS Web site allows you to automatically send an email to all the committee members:

Also, please tell your friends and family who live in California about this important legislation and how they can help. With your continued commitment to taking action on behalf of animals, we can end these shameful killing contests.

Thank you.

Phoenix's Story

Update from SaveABunny Founder April 28, 2015

I am very saddened to let you know that Phoenix, our incredibly brave, survivor and ambassador bunny has died. He had been steadily declining, sleeping a lot and then yesterday was unable to get his legs under him to hop or move. As I shaved his backside and rear leg last night (because he had soiled himself) I wondered about his quality of life.

From Neglect To Bunny Ambassador: Aimee's Story

By Marcy Schaaf SaveABunny

As an animal lover, you are probably familiar with the seemingly unlimited capacity some animals have to heal and forgive. Here is the story of "Aimee", a loving rabbit who despite suffering severe neglect, now serves as a rabbit ambassador to the general public, and soothes and comforts the hearts and minds of special needs children.

Late October 2002, A160772, a pink-eyed, ten- pound, white female rabbit was impounded at San Francisco Animal Care and Control (SFACC). Pregnant, frightened, dirty, starving and sneezing, her human guardians had moved away and abandoned her in a run down section of San Francisco. Good Samaritan neighbors brought her into SFACC. Her chances of being adopted were not good. She was big, filthy, and needed time, tenderness and a chance to heal.


Please help me get the word out to Coach Leather and to rabbit lovers! Coach is using rabbit fur as decoration on their purses!

Check it out! go to 'see all purses'

Coach Leather
Attn: Reed Krakoff; President or you can attention to the Board of Directors
519 West 54th Street
New York, New York 10001


E-mail Lane Bryant (click here)

Please send your letter to:

Lane Bryant
Customer Service
PO Box 850
Milford, OH 45150-0850



Please visit RabbitWise? Inc's web site (click here) to see a list of stores which are known to sell fur products. Also sign the petition protesting the use of rabbit fur.


The fur industry is celebrating upscale fashion retailer Ann Taylor's decision to introduce fur garments into its fall fashion lineup. The September 27 issue of Fur World exclaims that Ann Taylor's new fall styles include a fur component that is exposing fashion conscious women, especially the younger ones, to a category they have never really known about.

Although Ann Taylor has not sold fur in many years, its current catalog includes at least eight fur items-- predominantly of rabbit fur-- that include jackets, a scarf, a hat, and gloves. Rabbit fur is taken from animals raised directly for their fur who suffer just as much as any other caged animal on fur farms. Methods of killing are totally unregulated by the government and may include neck-breaking, bludgeoning and throat-slitting. Because rabbits bred for fur are different from the larger breed raised by the rabbit meat industry, any attempted justification that rabbit fur is a byproduct of the meat industry are spurious.

Because this is Ann Taylor's first foray into the sale of fur in many years, the company may be more responsive to public opinion on the issue. Contact Ann Taylor executives and let them know how disappointed you are to see fur in their fall catalog:

Ann Taylor Stores
J. Patrick Spainhour, Chairman and CEO
100 Ann Taylor Drive
P.O. BOX 571650
Taylorsville, UT 84157-1650
Tel.: (800) 342-5266
Fax: (866) 232-9266
E-mail: or

People can also send comments through their website here (click here).


JC Penney is now selling rabbit fur scarves (also in red, hot pink and purple, although I've never seen these colors of rabbits).?I've already written them about how horrified I was to see this in their catalog, and how I'm not going to shop at any store carrying real fur products.?If you'd like to write them?you can click on the links below to go their contact page to send an e-mail or call. The item # is X105-5033, you'll need to include that in your e-mail.?When I think of JC Penney I think cotton or polyester, not fur, so this must be a new trend for them that needs to be stopped.?We have to let them know it's not o.k.

JC Penney's Contact Phone Numbers (Click Here)

E-mail JC Penney's Customer Service (Click Here)


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