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Shopping List for Special Needs Bunnies

We often get asked about product recommendations to care for special needs bunnies. Here are some suggestions:

Litter Box & Litter

If bunny has arthritis, hind end weakness, head tilt, or neurological issues, a low-entry or no-entry litter box can help bunny maintain good litter box habits.

Other litter box ideas:

  • Lid of a large storage bin or plastic file box.
  • Underbed plastic storage bin with one side cut down.
  • Plastic potting tray from a garden store.

Soft Surface Living

Sometimes bunnies are no longer able to use a litterbox, or have physical/mobility issues where it's necessary for them to be on soft surfaces with traction all the time.

Suggested 3 Layer Setup:

  • Waterproof layer on the bottom to protect your floor -- washable waterproof pad, tarp or plastic shower curtain, bathmat with no-slip bottom.
  • Soak-up layer to absorb wetness -- old clean towels, blanket, sheets, disposable pee pads, washable pad.
  • Medical fleece specifically designed to draw wetness away (prevents infection, bedsores, sore hocks) and provides good traction.

Other sources for medical fleece:

Low Pens

Food and Water


Soft Toys and Bumpers