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Adoption Policy

San Francisco Bay Area

You must be local to the San Francisco Bay Area. We do not ship rabbits out of state and recommend that you adopt from your local shelter or rescue group. We are happy to help you locate adoption and rescue resources in your own area.

Primary Caregiver

When a rabbit is adopted from SaveABunny, the primary caregiver must be a responsible adult over 18 years old. The rabbit should be treated as an integral part of the family; i.e., no group ownership (such as a classroom pet). We do NOT adopt rabbits as pets for children. The rabbit must be wanted by the entire family.

Indoor Housing:

Adopters of SaveABunny rabbits must understand that our rabbits are to live as household companions. This means that they must have their primary living space indoors, and must spend every night indoors. During the daytime, adopters can allow their rabbits outdoor daytime exercise. If this is the case, the rabbit must be provided with an area with secure fencing, and adequate supervision. Due to the RHDV outbreak we are recommending against any outdoor time for rabbits.

Social requirements:

If the rabbit is going to be alone (i.e. without the company of people) for the majority of the time, then we recommend that the adopter adopt a second rabbit as a companion to the first.


Sexually immature rabbits of mixed sexes can be adopted together as long as the adopter agrees to separate them when the males are 3 1/2 months old and to neuter them as soon as the testicles have descended (usually around 4 months). Except for medical reasons, females are to be spayed within 30 days of reaching 6 months old. These same requirements exist even when an adopter has only adopted a single immature rabbit. Even when the rabbit will live alone, spaying and neutering after sexual maturity is still required.

No same day adoptions:

When a rabbit is adopted from SaveABunny, we ask that you return after 24 hours to pick up your new companion(s). In addition to giving you time to bunny-proof your house and purchase the correct food and supplies, this assures that you have plenty of time to sit with your decision. Taking a rabbit into your home is a long-term commitment. It is in everyone's best interest that all parties are happy and confident in their choice.

Note: To minimize contact during COVID-19, SaveABunny has been doing same-day adoption in cases where the adopters are completely setup and thoroughly understand rabbit care.


If there are such problems with the adopted rabbit that the adopter needs to return the rabbit, we ask that you give SaveABunny two-weeks advance notice. Some common sense and courtesy is expected. Once an animal is adopted from SaveABunny, the space vacated is filled by another rabbit. A return requires two preparations: a space must be opened by a new adoption, and another rabbit must be "bumped" from the rescue list at the animal shelter. Nevertheless, all rabbits adopted from SaveABunny must be returned back to SaveABunny in case of insurmountable problems.


SaveABunny does not exchange animals. Exceptions may be made when:

  1. SaveABunny and the adopter are working together on making a match between an adoptee and a pre-residing rabbit AND
  2. In SaveABunny's judgment, a different match would be less stressful to the animals.

Adoption Fees