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Lilac Luster

May 23 2021

(photos by Sean Washington,

I'm a lady of luxury.
My fur is a plush, velvety lilac color with gentle, greyish eyes that complete my outward beauty. I'm also a very sweet bunny. A bit shy at first, but with your patience and love I will be by your side. I'm also a great listener and you can trust me to keep a secret.

I was rescued from a rabbit breeding farm via a confiscation by Animal Control. There were 28 other rabbits and we were all suffering from starvation and neglect. Despite this scary part of my life where humans were not kind to me, I still trust people. That's a gift I have to share with you. The gift of forgiveness. And the choice to now live a life with joy and love.
If this resonates with you, please visit me. We might be kindred spirits.