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Rabbits Rescued From Medical Testing Laboratory

May 2021

Thirteen more bunnies have been rescued from a lab. We named them after candy to celebrate that their lives will be sweeter from now on.

Some images from the rescue!

August 2020

April 2020

Four more bunnies were surrendered from the lab!

January 2020 - Original rescue

In January 2020, SaveABunny, in conjunction with Beagle Freedom Project, rescued 12 eight month old female rabbits from a laboratory where they had been used for medical testing, including injections. Housed for their entire lives in small wire cages with nothing, no enrichment or affection. We are astounded by the sweet, gentle and curious nature of these exquisitely beautiful girls. Each day these girls become more confident and less afraid. They are starved for affection and LOVE to play and get petted.

We believe this is one of the few times the lab allowed the live release of bunnies (instead of euthanizing) and we're trying to develop a good, ongoing relationship with the laboratory and possibly secure additional releases. We cannot name the lab, but are encouraged by their interest in a longterm rescue relationship with us. We have offered to take ALL rabbits they offer into rescue. Now's the time to spread the word about how special the REWs (ruby-eyed whites) are.

We have gained permission to bring toys to the bunnies who remain in the lab as long as they fall under certain cleaning protocols. The bunnies live in extremely tiny cages with very little entertainment or positive stimulation. If you'd like to help improve their lives our Wish List has toys that are acceptable:

The girls are named in honor of businesses that are cruelty free -- they do not test their products on animals.

P.S. Here is the sweet video story of their rescue.

Thank you Tallulah Rabbit & Friends for creating the video.